This Guy Makes 0.21 Bitcoin Per Day
While Taking A Shower!
Learn How You Can Earn Crypto Currency While Showering!
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Ben Oberg
I earn crypto in the shower almost daily.
It Made Me $1,237,363 in 2017
(that is $1.2M!)
Of course I don’t earn crypto everyday but I do shower everyday.

And I took half of that and sent it straight into my bank account (mostly so I could stare at $600K sitting right in front of me then put it back)!

Everyone wants to promise you that their bot, their “system,” their MLM, or company is going to make you “mass amounts of money” and “you will be living the dream, you don’t have to put in effort,” and all this other bullshit.

I’m not going to promise you any of that.
  •  I don’t have a system to offer you,
  •  I don’t have an MLM for you to join,
  •  I don’t have a magic crypto machine that you can put money into and will spit out Bitcoin or Litecoin or any other coin.  
I can only teach you to create massive returns while you take a bubble bath, shower, wash your dishes, or go about your daily lives.
Heck, I Made 8.3 Bitcoin At A G-Eazy Concert In San Diego At 2 AM!
Then I made 11 Ethereum 3 days before that while
sitting in an Audi RS5 at the SD Auto Show!  
My concept is simple; I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone.

How much did I spend?

Well, I took $3,500 and turned it into over $1.2M. So it’s up to you, I don’t care if you use $5,000, $500, $50, or $5.

So here it is; 

When you invest in a stock you don’t invest in just any stock, right?

You invest in one that people have had success with, or that your accountant says is good. 

You invest in one that experts say is good. You essentially trust the “expert opinion” of another person to tell you what to do. 
Well, What If You Were “THE EXPERT?”
You would know exactly:
  • What to invest in
  • When to invest, 
  • How to invest, 
  • When to sell and trade out, 
  • And most importantly...
You Would Spend No More Time Doing This Than You Would Taking A Shower
It’s not that hard to be an expert. The average person spends
8.2 minutes taking a shower...
Well, once again, I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone; 

That’s 0.21 Bitcoin per day; 

That’s 4-figures per day. 

With 7.6 billion people on Earth, the average person makes $10,000 per do the math. 

Make sense? 

Be the expert, make the money, and you don’t have to trust anyone.
Are you familiar with the book “The 4 Hour Work Week?”….

Well..this is “The Two Hour Work Week.”
Once again, 

There are many ways to earn Crypto Currency.

But I personally only earn in ways where I can control exactly how much I invest, when I invest, where I invest and can minimize my risk.

Because who wants to lose money?...I don’t!!
Unfortunately for me
I Didn’t Really Listen Until
The Beginning of 2017
It took several people yelling at me to convince me that I needed to get in on this Crypto game…

But THAT was the issue for me.

It seemed like a game.

Just a game. (at this point I had actually sold 3 Bitcoin because I didn’t get it…Bitcoin that I had owned back in 2015 for just $345/coin).

If I am being honest it was the skepticism that kept me out. 

Like most people I didn’t believe it and I quite literally did not understand how something that doesn’t actually exist (or have a physical presence) could be a viable way to conduct business or generate income. 

As a result of my own stupidity, I could have made a lot more money than I have.

But until one understands that Crypto Currency is not just a currency, they won’t benefit (write this down): 
 It is a Currency, a Network, and a Technology.
And the mere FACT that it is a technology is the most powerful part; 

Crypto Currency is being adopted into:
  •  Real estate, 
  •  Accounting, 
  •  Banking, 
  •  Business operations, 
  •  Record keeping, and more...
Here's a technical slide explaining the usage of crypto currency / blockchain in different sectors:
Image credits:
So yes,
It is MUCH More Real than the
Dollar Bill You Hold in Your Hand
The technology that Crypto Currency has given birth to,
is becoming the very foundation for how industries survive…
And many of you are thinking it is too late. 

But you’re wrong just like I was. 

It wasn’t that long ago when Bitcoin was worth just $780 per coin
and in 2017 we saw it hit $20,502.
If One Simply Knew What Coins to Invest in and When to Invest, One Would Stand to Make a Fortune…
...and this is exactly what I teach. Luckily for you, it is still VERY early.
Now going back to when I said 2.3 hours per week is all that is required.

Honestly, I don’t even spend that much time, because there aren’t going to be profits everyday…and I personally only take advantage of opportunities when I can make a 40% gain or higher. 

What I mean by this is, it’s not worth the 20 minutes per day I spend unless I can turn $1,000 into $1,400+ or $100,000 into $140,000+… It’s just not worth the 20 minutes per day to me unless I am making a massive profit.  

So, with that being said...

I often times don’t even take 20 minutes out of my day!

I usually only spend a minute per day checking my investments and then I find a couple opportunities per month and make massive gains. 

Don’t be surprised if you see 200% returns, 300% or even more. It happens in this industry often.  
So Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It
If It’s So Easy?
Because no one is teaching these skills.
I am not worried about people knowing all my secrets because the opportunity is so massive that there is room for everyone to win. 

And most people choose to be lazy, not take action, and not educate themselves on a VERY REAL opportunity starting them in the face.  

I don’t know about you, but gosh if I could learn to invest and trade crypto currency for massive profits that require an extremely little amount of time I would be saying, “SIGN ME UP!!!”
Do I Have Your Attention Yet?
Okay good… because the last thing I have to say is very important...

And I will tell you exactly what I told the people at Tai Lopez’s house that I spoke to in early 2018.

Let me be very clear with something:

I have one promise to make you right now...and that is this: 
I Promise: You Will Epically Fail
And Never Make a Dime
if You Don’t Take Action,
if your skepticism outweighs your thirst to learn,
and if you expect it to happen overnight.
What I am saying is that I guarantee you will not succeed at this or anything in life if you go about things with a poor attitude.

SO if you need a better mindset, that is not what this is about. 

But if you want to learn how to invest in crypto currency and develop a substantial financial portfolio with minimal time commitments then you are in the right place.

You still here?..Ok great. 

Now I want you to listen to what all these people have been able to do and the difference Crypto Currency has made in their lives. 
Student Results
“I Completely Recommend It..."
Sebastian Alexander
“I Made $10K My First Week"
Bucky Ray
“I Predictably And Passively Earn Bitcoin Everyday..."
Robert Perez
“Ben Will Make You More Money Than What You'll Know What To Do With"
Ben Moore
Bucky Turned $2,500
Into $22,000
Catarina Enjoys 866% ROI
Following MMCM
Al Grant Made $2600
On Xmas Day

"My Portfolio is up 724%
since the first of the year"

"Ben you are an amazing young man.

And I thought I was an unteachable ole bag lol.

I looked you up and started following you on FB this is where my purchase was worth the money.

I didn’t even know about crypto until I heard my BF talking to his friends about it, I ask what is bitcoin he said it’s to hard for me to explain it to you 😤

I have had my own business (Barber/ Stylist) for 26 years and now I have found it has took a toll on the old ass body so I wanted to learn a new trade is why I bought the crypto. You explain things on your FB post in a way that this unteachable Lady with only a GED can understand.

Being a single mom I’ve always worked one and two jobs making ends meet and didn’t have means to save for when time came for retirement.

You know the old saying hair stylists don’t retire we CURL UP and DIE 😉

Sorry for the book. But just wanted you to know how you have touched my life of being afraid to take action.

PS I felt so good when I ask my BF this morning did he know what RSI stood for? He gave me his version, deep down I was laughing.

But of course I said yes honey you are right haha. I’m sure he went straight to google.
Now he wants to teach me a few things????
Sorry babe I already have my mentor in mind.
You are my new inspiration. Thanks Ben."
Terry Alexander
Course Curriculum
  •  Intro To Bitcoin & Application Of Crypto Currency
  •  Setting Up Your Wallet & Securing Your Bitcoin 
  •  Earning Crypto Currency On Exchanges 
  •  How To Create 200%+ Return On Investment Weekly
  •  Satoshi Value & Candlestick Science 
  •  Basic Trading Strategies 
  •  Short Term/Long Term Profit Strategies 
  •  Trade Entrance & Exit Indicators 
  •  Advanced Trading Patterns
  •  Predicting Markets For Profit 
  •  Stop Losses & Notifications For Increased Profits 
  •  Coin Research 
  •  ICO Fundamentals & Science 
  •  Converting Crypto To Cash 
  •  Bitcoin Visa Cards 
  •  Bonus Training With Crypto Millionaires
  •  Coins To Invest In
  •  Ben’s Personal Crypto Accumulation Strategy 
  •   Setting Up Your Bitpay Card
How To Know If This
Program Is For You?
All Millionaire Mafia programs are designed to help anyone; from newbies all the way to multi millionaires looking to learn life skills that they can take into any business, create income that they previously have not had, and scale their current income.

Millionaire Mafia can work for anyone if they take action, ask questions, and put in the effort. 

The Crypto Pro Mastery program is designed to educate individuals on Bitcoin and Crypto Currency as well as teach real life strategies to earning mass amounts of Bitcoin.

In short;

Crypto Pro Mastery is NOT for you if you want a get rich quick scheme.

But it is 100% for you if you want a viable solution to an early retirement and to achieve that lifestyle that you dream about. The lifestyle that Crypto has allowed me to live on the daily. 

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